Are You Ready to Go Crabbing in Ocean City, MD?

Ocean City, Maryland, is home to several exciting attractions. With miles of beautiful beaches, classic wooden boardwalks, unique shops, award-winning restaurants, and gorgeous sweeping views, Ocean City has something for every vacationer. However, it is the crabbing in Ocean City, Maryland, we think you’ll find to be an exciting and unique addition to your next vacation.

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How to Go Crabbing in Ocean City

Crabbing in Ocean City, Maryland, has a rich historical background. Since it is an ocean town, crabbing, fishing, and other maritime occupations have long since been a strong tradition. Crabbing is not only a popular and delicious activity but a glimpse into the lives of the locals.

There are many ways to go crabbing in this wonderful town. Crabbing via charter can be a fun way to catch dinner while also taking in all the sights that the ocean coast has to offer. 

Try your hand at crabbing like a local at some of the more popular beach spots in Ocean City. The 9th Street Fishing Pier, the Pier at Northside Park, Ocean City Fishing Pier, and Sunset Park are all popular crabbing locations. Bring your equipment or buy it there, and spend a leisurely day soaking up the sun and enjoying the adventure of crabbing.

Essential Equipment for Crabbing

Crabbing does require specific tools to do it right. A net and crab traps (or for those experienced one or the other), bait (like chicken), string/twine, a bucket, and are everything you need to go crabbing successfully. Bringing a friend or two can also be helpful. While this might sound like a lot, luckily, none of these tools are too expensive, and most locals and past visitors estimate costs to be around $20-$40. Most of the popular crabbing destinations have local tackle shops where you can buy the proper equipment. 

Best Time to Go Crabbing in Ocean City, MD

Maryland’s crabbing season spans from May 1st to December 31st, although experts suggest that May through September are ideal times. The incoming tide is the best time of day. Blue crabs are the most popular type of crab found in Ocean City, Maryland, and there are some important rules to keep in mind when crabbing them.

While crabbing is a fun activity, to do it sustainably and lawfully, there are some necessary rules to remember. Most recreational crabbing does not require a license unless it includes the use of trotlines, collapsible crab traps, net rings, and seines. From April 1st to July 14th, hard crabs caught must be 5 inches across starting at the tip of their spikes; after the 14th, the required length is 5 1/4 inches if shorter they must be returned to the sea. Male peeler crabs and soft crabs have a required length of 3 1/2 inches. Female crabs, who have red-tipped claws and a rounded apron belly, must always be returned if caught.

For more information on rules and regulations, visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ website.

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