Escaping Work Can Boost Your Career

Ah, the start of a new year. The perfect time to set goals for every aspect of your life, especially your career and finances.

Make sure any plan you make for being more successful at work includes spending more time away. It may sound counter intuitive, but escaping work is a proven tactic for improving productivity, increasing compensation and even gaining the clarity needed to leave a job that doesn’t bring you joy.

In this fourth post in our series about why vacations are good for you, you’ll learn why you should use all of your paid vacation days and trade your PC for time in OC. Vantage is more than happy to help propel your career with Ocean City rentals in your favorite locations.


Catch Some Rays, Get a Raise

A startling number of Americans aren’t taking their paid vacation time off. A total of 768 million paid vacation days went to waste in the United States in 2018, and that’s even more than the previous year.

While 25% of American employees feel guilty leaving their desks, it may help to know that taking PTO can lead to increases in compensation. Project: Time Off found that 78% of people who took vacation time also received a bonus in the past three years. The 84% of people who let zero vacation days go down the drain also got raises during that time frame.

Requesting no vacation time isn’t always the key to climbing the career ladder. Really, you may be sacrificing the downtime your brain and body need in order to perform your best.


Rest Now, Work (Better) Later

Almost half of American workers (49%) said their full-time workloads are too large to allow for a comfortable vacation, reports NPR, Harvard and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. But your ability to carry this workload weakens without ample time to rest.

Economists have calculated the schedules of factory workers, finding that a workweek exceeding 48 hours takes a serious toll on productivity. Deborah Mulhern, a clinical psychologist, explained to ABC that your body struggles to relax when you don’t step away from a heavy workload from time to time.

Therefore, your brain becomes conditioned to reproduce feelings of stress, making it harder to switch to calm mode when you do get a second of downtime.

Sadly, only 41% of U.S. workers say their organization encourages them to take time off. If you’re considering switching careers in 2020, set your sights on an organization that provides access to mental health resources and encourages you to take substantial vacation time.


Reach Your Goals—From the Beach

The benefits of a vacation include better sleep, better mood and boosts in creativity. “By taking time off,” explains Dr. Kathryn Smerling, a psychologist, “you’ll find a renewed sense of purpose, more energy to carry out tasks and in general, an overall sense of happiness.”

In other words, you’ll be more motivated to reach your goals, suggests the Work and Well-Being Survey. Working Americans reported a range of positive effects when they returned to work after a vacation, including:

  • Positive mood (68%)
  • More energy (66%)
  • Higher motivation (57%)
  • Less stress (58%)
  • Better work quality (55%)

A trip to the beach in Ocean City, Maryland, is an especially good idea for a summer vacation if you need an inspirational kick: The American Association for the Advancement of Science’s journal published a study that suggests the blue color of the ocean gives you a surge in creativity.


It’s Time to Take a Break in Ocean City

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The moral of the story here: to the vacationers go the spoils. By neglecting time off, you set yourself up for more stress than success. Use your days off wisely and consider it an investment in yourself and your career. Your job will be there when you return, and you’ll be refreshed and ready to take on every challenge.

It’s no work at all to find the perfect rental for your Ocean City, MD getaway. Vantage has options from the Inlet area up to the Delaware beaches to fit every budget. Book through Vantage to avoid extra fees and get the best selection. You can also call our reservationists at 410-723-2002. It’s their job to help you find your happy place—and they love it!


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