Why You Need to Check out the Ocean Gallery in Ocean City, MD

Some people might describe it as charming, while others might say it’s a little funky. However you choose to characterize the Ocean Gallery in Ocean City, MD, it’s always worth a visit. This boardwalk attraction is far from your average art gallery and attracts visitors from near and far to browse the eclectic selection inside. Find out what makes it so special and plan your trip today! Who knows — you might find a treasure hidden within that would be the perfect addition to your home or make an excellent gift. You can even stay within walking distance when you book one of our vacation rentals nearby!

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Ocean Gallery in Ocean City, MD: A Unique Staple of the Boardwalk

The One-of-a-Kind Appearance

Did you know that the structure of the Ocean Gallery is made out of recycled materials from all around the world? It’s just one of the many reasons why it’s such a unique store. The exterior appearance is sure to catch your eye as you stroll along the Ocean City Boardwalk near 2nd St. Feel free to let your initial curiosity lead the way inside this store that has remained here for over 50 years!

The Artwork

You’ll immediately notice several more details that set Ocean Gallery apart from other art galleries you may have visited. Don’t let the seeming lack of organization fool you or deter you from digging through the products inside. There are so many great finds here, from posters to original oil paintings and much more. You can even get a custom frame for one of your own images — perfect for when you want to commemorate your vacation in Ocean City, MD, in style.

The Owner

Have you ever met Joe KroArt? It will surely be a memorable experience if you do. He got his start in the industry at a young age, selling his paintings along the boardwalk when he was still in college. He eventually built the gallery on 2nd Street, and he actually created a lot of the artwork that you see on the outside of the building. Stop in, take a look around, and say hello to Joe the next time you’re in the area!

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The view of 2nd Street in Ocean City, MD


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