Get Your Fill of Thrills at Trimper’s Haunted House

Are you ready to venture through Trimper’s Haunted House? Feel free to test your bravery on this delightfully frightening ride in Ocean City, Maryland! Bill Tracy designed this spooky attraction in 1964, and it remains on the southern end of the Ocean City Boardwalk over 50 years later for all to enjoy. Consider this an invitation, and a dare, to step inside and conquer your fears. One thing is for sure — you’ll always remember your first journey through the house. Find out what to expect inside, and don’t forget to browse our list of vacation rentals if you’re planning a visit to Ocean City!

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Trimper’s Haunted House: Enter If You Dare

Begin Your Terrifying Tour

Brave explorers and thrill-seekers are welcome to step inside Trimper’s Haunted House and grab a seat within one of their iconic, coffin-shaped vehicles. (You’ll even notice an ominous mark on the coffin that reads “Rest in Peace.”) And, so begins your chilling, fun-filled experience! 

Tip: Keep in mind that the haunted house is part of Trimper’s Rides, and you’ll need eight tickets or a wristband to enjoy it. Trust us — it’s worth every ticket!

What You’ll See

Of course, you’re likely curious about what scares await you inside. Let us give you a little sneak peek without revealing too much. After all, we don’t want to ruin all the fun and surprises! The ride was expanded in 1988 and has undergone updates since it was originally built in 1964, but 20 of Bill Tracy’s original “stunts” still remain. Some of them include the Knit Wit, Old Mill, Birthday Party, Swamp Ghost, and Cuckoo Clock. If you’d like, you’re welcome to take a virtual tour of some of the stunts and attractions inside!

What Else You Should Know

We’re always happy to help you make the most of your vacation in Ocean City, MD, so we thought we’d share some bonus tips and recommendations. 

  • The ride takes a total of five minutes.
  • It’s usually open from early March until late November.
  • We recommend calling Trimper’s Rides to confirm the most current hours.

Don’t forget to explore the rest of the Ocean City Boardwalk, too! It may be the off-season, but there are still plenty of attractions and tasty bites to the area. Or, you can simply enjoy a peaceful stroll or bike ride with ocean views and coastal breezes.

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