What Guests Want in Vacation Homes: a Guide for Ocean City Property Owners

A sure way to separate your Ocean City, MD, vacation rental property from the competition is to raise the level of luxury. You don’t need to own a luxurious property or spend a lot to add special touches that earn rave reviews and repeat bookings. Our last article covered all the basics for providing what prospective renters would want to find in your Ocean City vacation property. In this article, we’re sharing our tips for providing a premium experience. Done right, investing in these extras will pay impressive dividends for your Ocean City, Maryland, rental property.

Elevate the entry experience

The tides will change, the sun will rise tomorrow, and guests will forget and lose keys. It’s just a fact in the renting world. So why not give them the luxury of keyless door locks? That way, we can simply text or email a passcode to guests before they arrive, providing a premium experience before they even cross the threshold! Here’s a bonus: A keyless entry system gives you an electronic record of every time the door is locked or unlocked.


Wow them with a welcome

Surprise and delight your Ocean City, Maryland, guests with a well-stocked welcome basket. Pack it full of goodies, like wine, postcards, sunscreen, beach treats and restaurant menus. Add a hand-written welcome note with some recommendations. Let them know that you’ve planned for their arrival.

Warm their spirits

If your listing includes a hot tub, you’ll get more hits. Installing a hot tub costs a lot less than a swimming pool, and it’s more romantic and luxurious. Offer extra towels and amenities like robes, slippers and scented candles. If your property has a fireplace, make sure it’s in good working order with gas or firewood at the ready. Even an electric fireplace creates a special ambiance, appreciated even more when cool breezes and rain move in.

Entrance them with entertainment

Ping pong sparks instant joy with hours of recreation.

Whether your guests are homebodies or simply need a place to relax on a rainy day, tend to their needs in style. As we mentioned in our previous article, provide some popular streaming entertainment options like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Add a stereo with an eclectic assortment of music you’d recommend for relaxing and dining. A thoughtfully curated library adds to your vacation rental’s allure. Include books and DVDs for all ages and tastes. (Hint: You can find all of this and more in one quick trip to a used book/music store.) To really improve the in-home experience, provide your guests with a game room or games. Ping pong and billiards spark instant joy with hours of recreation.

Turn down the noise

If your guests have spent the day yelling across the waves or screaming on the thrill rides at Jolly Roger Amusement Park, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to unwind in peace and quiet. You can help by sealing all windows and doors with caulk and weather-strip. Soundproof your laundry and equipment rooms. Oil any rusty locks and hinges. For better sleeping, provide a white noise machine (and maybe even a fresh selection of ear plugs!)


Add luxury to kitchen, bath and bedroom

We mentioned a lot of great basic tips for the bed, bath and kitchen in our last article. Here are ways to take the experience up a notch: Upgrade your kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Include amenities like blenders and coffee makers so they don’t have to lug them from home. An assortment of coffee pods would be a nice touch.

To add a five-star aura to the bathroom, do what top hotels do. Serve up soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion in wall-mounted dispensers or elegant single-serve packs. Add mouthwash and shave gel. In the bedrooms, invest in memory-foam mattresses and soft linens. Provide plump pillows with varying degrees of firmness. Your guests will love you for helping them get a luxurious night’s sleep.

Get more pro tips

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