Nothing but praise for the Vantage Resort Realty! Renting our property through you has been a pleasure! You take care of everything – arranging rentals, collecting deposits, insuring guests are comfortable, inspecting unit upon check-out, cleaning, and the issuance of proceeds promptly. So good, so automatic – kudos and many, many thanks.”

Mary Ann – Harbor Breeze 53


“I’m pleased that even though we only purchased our home in March….we were able to rent almost every week during the entire season. Vantage has held my hand through the process of renting in O.C. The structure of their program is quite different than those I’ve been accustomed to using. I chose Vantage due to their solid reputation and extra attention to detail…including inspectors pre-and post-rental. I was also impressed that they offer insurance for renters to purchase in the event of damage, intentional or not. This provides peace-of-mind that my property will be respected I’ll find it in the Fall the same way I left it in the Spring.”

Lori – Sunset Island 44 Island Edge Dr.



“Before Vantage, we were not always fully booked, but we came close most Summers. Switching to Vantage has been great so far. Our unit is booked pretty much all Summer if we are not using it, and Vantage has been very helpful when issues in the home have arisen.”